I created HeartBeat Rhythms in order to get as many other people drumming as I possibly could. In drum circles, I saw defenses drop and tension melt. I saw cooperation and encouragement. And I saw and felt the spirit of community. I watched the universal language of music inspire, transform, and unite groups of people and I witnessed people having deep experiences through drumming. I wanted more, so I ordered ten djembes from West Africa, started studying with other facilitators and then began to facilitate my own circles. I have never looked back and I continue to be amazed and humbled by people who come together to drum and play.

I chose to name my company HeartBeat Rhythms in honor of the first heartbeat that we all heard–the heartbeat of our mother. Rhythm is innate so we all have access to rhythm. When we play together, we tap into our earliest and most basic rhythm.

Since that rhythm is already a part of us, we always have access to it. As a consequence, drumming is a natural extension of who we are, which makes it really easy for most people to play!