We would love to work with you and your group and below are the basics for booking and getting ready for us to come. We will work hard to make sure that it is a fun-filled and joyful event where everyone can let go and play.

1) Choose a date and time that you’d like to have us come and run a drum circle or workshop with your group. Please pick an alternate date and time as your second choice so that we have a couple of choices to work with

2) Include your name, name of the organization or group, and contact information

3) Also include the exact location of the event, the number of participants to expect, and whether or not there is just one group to work with or multiple groups

Within 48 hours I will confirm the receipt of your request as well as the date and time. If either date that you picked is not available, I will let you know that as well. I will also include what the price of the workshop or drum circle event will be.

If we move forward, an invoice will be sent to you and a 50% deposit will be required in order to hold the date. The deposit is non-refundable, but can be held as a credit for a future event should you need to re-schedule the original date agreed upon.

The balance is due the day of the event.


Please choose a room that is away from any offices or people who need to work quietly. Drumming is not a quiet way to make music!
We are happy to create our workshops and events outside as long as there is a level surface. An alternate indoor space should also be available for inclement weather.
The indoor or outdoor space has to be available one hour before the event and one hour after to ensure time for unloading, set up, break down, and loading out. Chairs need to be WITHOUT ARMS and should be set up prior to our arrival in a circle. Help loading in and out is greatly appreciated and will ensure that the event starts on time. In addition, please let us know the closest entrance to the space where we’ll be so that we can park as close as possible.
If we are facilitating multiple drum circles, please allow 15 minutes in between drum circles in order to get the circle ready for the next group


Rings and watches should be taken off prior to drumming so that the drum heads are not damaged (and neither are fingers!)
Comfortable clothing is best and no dresses please (drums are held between the knees and dresses do not allow the drums to be where they need to be in order to be played)


Teachers and counselors are strongly encouraged to participate. The kids love it, and it allows us to facilitate the circle without interruption. We may not be familiar with the location, your policies and rules, etc. so another adult needs to be present at all times in order to maintain discipline and answer any questions

Photography is welcomed and release forms for photos that we might take for promotion are helpful when possible. If photos are not allowed, please let us know and if releases can be or are on hand, please let us know that as well!

We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your trust in us and our events.