Custom Programs for Drumming GroupsCORPORATIONS:

Group drumming can be used in a corporate setting with great success. Specific drum circle exercises are utilized to foster cooperation in the group. Everyone in the circle is equal and their own unique contribution is vital to the success of the whole. At the same time, individual needs are sometimes put aside in the circle for the good of the whole. Drumming teaches empowerment and allows each participant to step into their power with consciousness. It’s a great way to increase morale and encourage participation and engagement.


Group drumming in Wellness Centers and Retreats combine exercises and rhythm games with meditation, sound healing and consciousness to create a fun and deep experience. Using drums, rattles, shakers and percussion, sound is used to raise vibrations and balance energy centers. Each circle is different, depending on what the group asks for. Toning and the use of the voice are often incorporated in these circles.


There are many benefits for Seniors who want to drum and experience rhythm. Group drumming reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness. Many Seniors have the experience of music being played FOR them but rarely get to be the ones actually making music. For this reason, drum circles are well-received by this population. I’ve seen spirits lifted within a matter of minutes and have seen those on the outskirts of the circle who only want to listen become engaged and encouraged into the circle very quickly.
Memory games are a big hit with Seniors, and there are many rhythms that are played that the participants are asked to “answer.” The exercises get more complicated as the group confidence builds. Other instruments are incorporated into the circle to allow those in wheelchairs or who have suffered with physical issues to participate fully.


Group drumming can be a very empowering experience for those who are seeking ways to build confidence and self-esteem. Feelings can be expressed and processed through rhythm that might not easily be articulated with words. I can assist therapists and counselors in incorporating drumming in their group work or I can work in partnership to create a drumming protocol for groups therapy and support groups.